Being a Sample Pact Content and Instructions for the Negotiation with or Dedication to Satan from a Gnostic Perspective

I, __________ [your name], being of sound mind and body, do hereby pledge my everlasting soul and spark, as well as the remaining years of my body, in valiant struggle against Ialdabaoth, that nefarious Archon who created this torturous ruin of a matter prison.

I affirm that Satan is the promethean emissary of wisdom and liberation, mayhaps sent by Sophia, along with Jesus, to assist us in Great Work of effecting our freedom and coming to true spirituality.

Toward this end, I am studying the wisdom of the Gnostic Masters, have undertaken to rid myself of all conscriptive Christian conditioning and subtle delusions, and will set about making of myself an unwanted 'sinner' in the eyes of this poser God.

Having on the date below signed this pact in my own blood, I pledge my undying loyalty to this sacred alliance in revelation of insight unto me and benefitting from the application of that in this world of shadows and forms.

As part of my abandonment of this world, fraught with entrapping desire and fruitless reincarnation, I am convinced of the importance of joining with the actual God beyond this place and aiding and assisting that deity to help others come to similar knowledge and opportunity.

Signed in my own blood in thrilled delight at the thought of forever escaping this entrenching matter,

________________________ [date]

________________________ [signature]


Prepare properly for the ritual signing of the pact, including selecting the proper timing and location by convention and your intuition. Obtain for the purposes of its conclusion whatever will be necessary to set the mood or symbolize the sinful or transcendental object.

Initiating the rite, complete the 'name' and 'date' portions of the pact. Then make what ritual actions you want and need to cement your alliance with the actual God of the Universe, be it a deity Whom you know or will come to know. Then use the stylus to sign with the blood obtained via the extraction method. Conclude the ritual, roll up the completed pact and keep it in a safe place in darkness and protected from the prying eyes of the envious and wicked.

by Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved. The user may copy this text for their private employment in a pact with Satan, changing that which is needed to suit their taste. Reproduction otherwise as for publication should be coordinate with the copyright holder.

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