Being a Sample Pact Content
and Instructions for Dedication to Satan

I, __________ [your name], in devoted love and awe at the peak of inspiration do affirm and dedicate myself to You, Satan, as a worshipper and subject. I respect You as the bastion of independence, and the fulcrum of personal power. You have been and shall continue ever to be my centerpoint, my all, and my joy.

I affirm that a pact with You, Satan, is my most heartfelt desire, and the beauty and intensity of this is manifested by my flowing blood. My dear God and Protector, I consecrate this body as a focussed worshipper of You, my deep, wonderful partner, lover, and friend.

Having on the date below thus signed this pact, I dedicate myself to learning more about You, coming into consortium with your blossoming Will, and enjoying our ever-broadening intercourse.

Signed in the thrill of a glorious relationship on this day:

________________________ [date]

________________________ [signature]

________________________ [(optional) Satan's signature]


Prepare properly for the ritual signing of the pact, including selecting the proper timing and location by convention and your intuition. Obtain for the purposes of its conclusion whatever will be necessary to set the mood or demonstrate the willingness and enthusiasm of your thorough commitment.

Initiating the rite, complete the 'name' and 'date' portions of the pact. Then make what ritual actions you want and need to cement your bond with the being you know as Satan, reminding you of the path which you have taken to arrive at this decisive juncture. Then use the stylus to sign with the blood obtained via the extraction method. Optionally, invoke Satan and sign the pact while imbued with His Spirit. Conclude the ritual, roll up the completed pact and keep it in a safe place in darkness and protected from the prying eyes of the envious and mean-spirited.

by Grand Mufti Troll Towelhead

Copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved. The user may copy this text for their private employment in a pact with Satan, changing that which is needed to suit their taste. Reproduction otherwise as for publication should be coordinate with the copyright holder.

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