Note 01 -- Dark Lord (Satan)
Note 02 -- Hellish Contingent (Lemures)
Note 03 -- Chthonos
Note 04 -- Telluria
Note 05 -- Lord of Dung and Flies (Beelzeboul)
Note 06 -- Beelzeboul
Note 07 -- New Brood
Note 08 -- excretial
Note 09 -- Infernal Horde - See Lemures.
Note 10 -- Anthropos
Note 11 -- technik
Note 12 -- Old Hairy - See Satan.
Note 13 -- demondim - See Lemures.
Note 14 -- Consolidation
Note 15 -- Vacuum
Note 16 -- stellae
Note 17 -- Dunglord - See Beelzeboul.
Note 18 -- Mastema - See Satan.
Note 19 -- sod
Note 20 -- Prince of the Aerial Powers - See Satan.
Note 21 -- Great Accuser - See Satan.
Note 22 -- Tetragrammaton
Note 23 -- mal'ak
Note 24 -- Semyaza - See Satan.
Note 25 -- Ho Satanas - See Satan.
Note 26 -- Old Nick - See Satan.
Note 27 -- Gate of Death
Note 28 -- Evil One - See Satan
Note 29 -- archon-angelos - See sod.
Note 30 -- Mephisto - See Satan.
Note 31 -- godson

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Satanist Extravaganza

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